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If you want to know about what the EU does, how it all started and how it works, or if you want to debate EU policies more in details, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.    

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Civic education package

Discover how the 27 EU countries work together: teach, learn and play with the Council's civic education package

Age groups
Ages 12 to 15Ages 15 and over

The EU in a nutshell

This slide presentation will help you explain the basics of the EU, prepare the ground for discussions, and give you tips on how to stay in touch with the EU.

Age groups
Ages 12 to 15

Ready for the Green Challenge?

The toolkit was developed as part of the Green Trip campaign, promoting sustainable projects and lifestyles among young Europeans.

Age groups
Ages 12 to 15Ages 15 and over

Spot and fight disinformation

The pandemic demonstrated just how fast misleading or false information can spread online. With this toolkit, secondary school teachers can help their students separate what is real from what is fake when they are browsing online.

Age groups
Ages 15 and over