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Migration and asylum

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Helping people who are forced to flee

Are you teaching about people who are forced to flee? Use this teaching toolkit to teach students about the efforts of the European Union (EU), UNHCR and UNICEF to help people who have been forced to flee in Africa.

Migration and asylum in Europe - interactive publication

Migration and asylum topics are constantly in the public eye, and having trustworthy statistics and information is imperative. The interactive publication Migration and asylum in Europe is your go-to source on these topics, answering many questions about migration in the EU and more.


Suaad Alshleh

This is Suaad, a teenage Syrian refugee who arrived in Europe dreaming of becoming a doctor. Today, she is fulfilling those dreams as a medical studen...

classroom after bombing

Syrian Children's Stories

The conflict in Syria started more than 10 years ago. It has triggered one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history.


The book of dreams

This book tells the stories of Syrian children and youth who had to leave their country due to war.