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News announcement11 February 2024Directorate-General for Communication

European 112 Day

Europe's emergency telephone number

112 (emergency telephone number)


Do you know who to call in an emergency? Fortunately, across all of Europe, there is only one number to remember: 112.  

You can call 112 from any phone, anywhere in Europe, completely free of charge. Your call will be picked up by trained operators, who can speak in the national language of the country you are in, and who can deal directly with your emergency, or pass it on to the relevant service in that country. Worried you might forget who to call? Just remember, 1+1=2 (112)! 

This European 112 Day, held annually on the 11th of February (11/2), we celebrate all the hard work and coordination that goes into making the 112 telephone service effective and seamlessly connected for all European citizens, keeping us safe. 

Thanks to 112, if you ever find yourself in an emergency, there is a reliable, safe and easy-to-remember number to call. 


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11 February 2024
Directorate-General for Communication
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