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The Virtual role play game of the European Parliament

Students can take a seat in the European Parliament and experience the decision-making process directly from their classroom or community through this online game!

Age groups
Ages 15 and over
About the EUEU laws and institutions
Type of material
Role playOnline game
Translations in progress - The content will soon be available in all EU languages.

Who is for?

Players of age 14+, of any background or experience.

How do you play?

The game works best for groups of 14 to 28 players (max 40), and requires 1 facilitator.

Both the players and the facilitator will need their own internet connected devices, and one screen to display content to the whole group.

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If you are between 15 and 18, or are a secondary school teacher interested in finding out about the European Union and what it does for you, then this publication is for you.