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for 5 to 18 year olds

Learn and play - Teach and connect

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If you're a primary or secondary school pupil, this is where you’ll find gamescompetitions and activity books to help you discover the EU in a fun way, in the classroom or at home. You can also find out more about studying or volunteering abroad.

If you're a teacher and want to help your pupils learn about the EU and how it works, this is a source of teaching material for all age groups. As well as finding inspiration for lesson plans, you can also discover networking opportunities with other schools and teachers across the EU.

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Film4Energy Challenge

Do you remember the Film4Energy challenge we had announced last Autumn?

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Europe Day

Europe Day, held on 9 May every year, celebrates peace and unity in the European Union.

How much do you know about the European Union?


Some great resources here - I found it really useful. And the children enjoyed using the material too!