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Learning materials produced by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Communication

If you want to know about what the EU does, how it all started and how it works, or if you want to debate EU policies more in details, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.    


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If you are between 15 and 18, or are a secondary school teacher interested in finding out about the European Union and what it does for you, then this publication is for you.

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A short guide to the EU

Ever wondered which EU Member States use the euro or what it means to be part of the Schengen area? What the European Green Deal is and how it will make your life better? What exactly the EU does for you and where the money comes from to pay for it all?

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EU Pioneers

Who are the men and women who made Europe what it is today?

Four European youngsters, two girls and two boys, depicted on a tandem bike with, while holding an EU flag
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Let's explore Europe!

We come from different countries and speak different languages, but the European continent is the home we share.

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Europe better together

Teaching kit on the European Union to increase awareness among pupils aged 10 and over.

paper hen cover
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Paper Hen

Pick up some basic facts about the EU: print out and fold the sheet to make this fun origami game that children love to play!

united in diversity map
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United in Diversity

Poster for children showing a map of Europe with little pictures that illustrate some of the national characteristics and traditions of each country.


The ABC of EU law

The legal order created by the European Union shapes our political life and society. Individuals are not merely citizens of their country, town or district; they are also Union citizens.

Illustrated cover image of Travelling in Europe 2023

Travelling in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s most popular travel destinations and it's easier to explore than ever, thanks to the EU.

EU in slides cover image

EU in slides

This page contains visual material – slide presentations – illustrating various aspects of the EU.

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The EU in a nutshell

This slide presentation will help you explain the basics of the EU, prepare the ground for discussions, and give you tips on how to stay in touch with the EU.


Spot and fight disinformation

The pandemic demonstrated just how fast misleading or false information can spread online. With this toolkit, secondary school teachers can help their students separate what is real from what is fake when they are browsing online.

Online products

EU&ME quiz
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EU & ME Quiz

This online quiz has been created for secondary school pupils to help them understand the basics about the EU.

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Match the flags

Each of the 27 EU countries has its own flag. See if you can match the pairs by turning over the cards.

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Match the landmarks

Click on the European flags and see famous landmarks pop up……each one appears twice! Can you find the pairs?


EU Timeline

Take a trip back in time to discover important moments in history, inventions, major events in sport and society and more… many of which made the EU w...


EU puzzle

Do you want to play a puzzle about EU countries or EU languages? Or both? You can also print out a giant map of Europe to colour in!


The time machine

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the history of Europe. Fly the spaceship into the right answer, making sure to avoid the meteorite...

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The EU: what's it all about?

Help your pupils discover more about the countries of the European Union using this fun, interactive map. Take a trip to each country and find out wha...

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Let's Explore Europe

The EU has 27 member countries. Each has a different history, geography and culture. Test your knowledge in a board game – play alone or challenge cla...