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Role-play EU decision-making

A role-playing simulation game on decision-making in the EU, based on the Chocolate Directive.

Age groups
Ages 15 and over
About the EUEU laws and institutions
Type of material
GameRole play

As in reality, EU ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament meet in the Council of Ministers to discuss, negotiate and vote. These roles are assumed by the participants who will democratically find a solution to unite the countries on the issue of chocolate while protecting their country’s citizens and interests. There will be lively debate, negotiation between the countries in the corridors and, finally, voting on the Commission’s new legislative proposal. And the outcome of the role-playing game is rarely as expected. It is the participants who control and influence the process.

The role-playing game is fun, contributes to understanding and dialogue around the EU and functions both in person and digitally.

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